Your Steps Once You Sustain Losses

your-steps-once-you-sustain-lossesThe given article is based on the wide experience of psychotherapist Bobbi Emel who specializes in helping you face life’s significant challenges and regain your resilience. Here we’ll try to understand how people pass through the difficulties caused by economy. How sudden losses of assets influence our emotions and our inner sentiments.

It’s natural feeling for all human beings to grieve for their lost money, jobs and houses. Yes, it is really so as any kind of loss tends to cause a grief reaction. Let’s remember situations when we lost something valuable to us. This may be a pet, a car, a relationship, an important project, etc.

Therefore, each kind of loss brings a new psychological state, integrity of emotions which is expressed uniquely in each person. Are you familiar with the following emotions: sadness, anger, guilt/self-reproach, anxiety, loneliness, shock, yearning or disbelief, confusion and preoccupation?

And what about these behaviors: Sleep or appetite disturbances, absentmindedness, social withdrawal, crying, and restlessness?

This is only some part of human thoughts and feelings arousing during grieving.   Though people are accustomed to believing that grief occurs when losing the loved person it’s not the only case. The only problem here is that while losing something other than a dear and loved one we do not tend to acknowledge and accept our feelings as grief.

Hereby, can our feelings be referred as grief when we undergo financial and economic losses? Absolutely. However, there are always ways to regain resilience, survive and thrive.

 How to survive?

1.  Accept that you have really suffered losses

It’s important that you start thinking of your real situation and of your future actions. It won’t be right to think for example that ”Even though I earn less than I used to my expenses will be the same and I’ll live as before. You should evaluate your current situation and be careful not to increase the extent of losses because of your broken heart. Instead of fighting against your financial losses you should acknowledge them. It’s always much easier to go with the river current than fight against the current.

2. Surround yourself with people you trust.

Your family and friends whom you trust will be of great help to you. As not to get stuck in the grief and find the best way out you should talk to them about your thoughts and feelings and not about the specifics of the loss. Talking about your emotions you will feel more strengthened and revealed.

3. Remember that there is always solution

Once you suffer a loss it can seem to be the worst thing ever happened to you. And no one says that it can’t be so. But you should remember that though you have faced up to many difficulties you have always found a way out.

Live in the present time. It is unwise to ruminate about the past or grieve for the future. You should estimate what is happening at the right moment as life goes on not in the past and not in the future, it is the present, the moment you feel and see your life in front of your eyes.

 How to thrive

1. Learn from the given lesson

Find what this situation gave you to learn. In each life condition there’s a lesson and you should learn from your mistakes.

2. Find bounty.

The economic loss you are experiencing now may turn out to be the very thing you need to learn to thrive into new opportunities.


As a conclusion we should note that life is not a bed of roses and that each of us can live both hard times and happy moments. Overcoming all the difficulties and financial losses does not mean getting your money or assets replaced, it means learning to survive and thrive fighting against difficult times.

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