New Agenda in Chinese Economy

With the end of the year of 2012, the main thing that the governments of the countries do is planning their future goals and targets especially in the economic sphere which is an important preconditions for the development of other sectors.

Chinese economy has been passing through quite difficult period this year. During a year period foreign investment has fallen (5.4 percent). Current image of economic situation in the country makes evident the fact of the need make changes and boost the economy.

So, currently the country is initiating the necessary steps that will result in economic growth in the upcoming year. The growth is being planned to be nearly 7.5 percent. The target regarding the inflation rate is the following: reach to the lowest point since 2010 that is to keep the rate at about 3.5 percent.

Currently the aim of the Chinese government is more slow growth than faster one, because they are planning to shift their economy to consumer-driven one. The “quality and efficiency” of economic growth is considered to be more important than the rate.  Actually the prove of the fact that the government is more concentrated on the quality is quite low target only 7%.

The possible achievement in the economic area may be a good basis for a more stable year of 2013 with high investment rate and low inflation.

Source: Bloomberg

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