Euro Gets Stronger

Recent changes in the sphere of politics will definitely have direct impact on the economic situation of Europe: Euro is going to become much stronger in future. The reason is the bailout reached concerning the Greece debt. Finally a decision has been reached, and Greece will have opportunity to initiate useful reforms and come out of the crisis which she has been facing recently.

It is not expected the possibility of strengthening the Euro against dollar, but also with other currencies.

Currently, the euro is expected to go to its highest point against the yen, according to an analyst at IG Markets Securities Ltd.

The euro may scale to 109 yen next year, which is close to the 50 percent retracement level of 108.72 between the high of 123.33 on April 11 last year and July 24 low of 94.12, Ishikawa said.

So, we can make a conclusion that again, prices of the currencies are never stable and they can always change because of different reasons such as political conflicts, important economic decisions, and so on. The only thing a trader has to do is to continue following the major events, which are the key factors affecting the fluctuations of the currencies. For this you only need to follow some Forex Analysis, which will definitely help you to better trade in future!

Source: Bloomberg

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