PCI: Coffee vs. Cocoa Infographic

The infographic below shows the study of the Coffee/Cocoa PCI instrument, which has been developed by IFC Markets. Here you can see some interesting facts about these products and observe the interrelation and price correlation of the instruments. The following study of the instrument may serve as a basis for further study and a good beginning for creating other PCIs.

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Top 5 Best-Selling Cars

top-5-best-selling-carsDuring the last decade the auto industry has produced millions of cars and large number of different models. However, day by day, year after year consumers’ wants and needs in a car are changing together with the economy. With the increase of gas and petrol price consumers go on buying reliable and economical vehicles.

Below you can find 5 of the most reliable cars in the world that have managed to attract consumers by their nice design, comfort, reliability and efficiency.

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Give a New Life to Your Trade

give-a-new-life-to-your-tradeBeing tired of the same boring trading process traders and investors always seek for new opportunities, new methods and innovations that will not only put interest in their trade but also enlarge chances of active and successful trade. All the serious traders and investors try newly born trading methods to rely on the one that will promote their trade.

The latest innovation in this field that day by day widens the number of its users and attracts serious analysts’ and investors’ attention is the opportunity of creating Personal Composite Instrument.

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Stock CFD and Its Features

stock-CFDs-and-its-featuresWhat is Stock?

Stock is a certain type of security that indicates ownership in a company. Each stock holder owns a part of the company’s assets and earnings. Ownership is identified by the number of stocks that one owns compared to the number of outstanding stocks. They form the basis of nearly each portfolio and are referred as more reliable investment tools than other instruments.

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Why to Become A Partner of IFC Markets

The Partnershbecome-a-partner-of-ifc-marketsip program organized by a leading CFD and Forex brokerage company IFC Markets opens wide horizons for those engaged in Forex market to build their own business. The main objective of the program is to make a large group of regional representatives in different parts of the world.

Starting your own business with IFC Markets and becoming its IB Partner will provide you with a number of advantages:

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Investment Strategy: Its Main Types

investment-strategyEach investor’s plan to reach his investment goal depends on his risk tolerance and main objective.

Herein, deciding what kind of investment strategy to apply is of vital importance.

Investment strategies differ greatly depending on the investor’s goal whether the focus is on the capital appreciation or wealth protection. Therefore, the most essential part of developing an investment strategy is realizing and estimating your main objective.

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New Version of the Trading Platform NetTradex

trading-platform-NetTradexAmong various platforms existing in foreign exchange market NetTradeX plays a significant role. Nowadays this terminal has gained a high reputation among traders due to its unique options and high functionality. It is at its highest level because of its reliability and simplicity.

The trading platform NettradeX is provided with all the necessary tools that are required by traders. Due to those diverse instruments trading transactions are performed without arousing any difficulty.

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Finance and Relationship: 5 Ways to Avoid Divorce

5-ways-to-avoid-divorceWhat are the main stressors in a marital relationship that lead to divorce? What are the factors causing this? What to do to overcome and more importantly to escape such situations.

The study ”Examining the Relationship between Financial Issues and Divorce” published in 2012 showed that couples who regularly fight over the finances are 30 percent more likely to divorce.

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7 Steps to Live Frugally

7-steps-to-live-frugallyIt’s hard to imagine any person who will not want to save money and who will waste it on useless things. Each human being understands the value of money be he rich or poor. Though saving money by living frugally is not easy there are certain ways of cutting cost and saving money. The tips mentioned below are really very useful and you can easily find the easiest way of cutting your expenses in the most efficient ways.

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